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Henrik Rostrup found filmmaking by accident. Grounded in a decades-long passion for adventure and competitive sports, his work consistently balances universal emotion within a specific narrative.

Raised in Norway and currently based in Sweden, Henrik skipped film school and jumped into Scandinavian competition sports cinema from a young age, capturing professional skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers. Athleticism and worldwide travel served as the catalyst for what eventually became a multifaceted professional career: as an agency creative, as founder of production company Atlas, and ultimately as a director. He has since led high-profile campaigns for premium brands like Vodaphone, Montblanc, Reebok and many more.

More than an artistic thinker, Henrik is known for finding focus and organization within high-stakes, complicated, often unpredictable production scenarios. In fact, he enjoys it. He works just as intuitively as he does strategically, making him an instant trusted friend of agencies, brands and artists alike. To Henrik, strategy is just as important (and invigorating) as the whoa-inducing action scenes you might see in the final film.

In Henrik’s eyes, a film’s meaning is less about final picture than it is about the visceral experience. He approaches every project with an openness and willingness to adapt; to hear, and attempt, the ideas of the tight-knit team around him. You could say his process is authentic — but he doesn’t use that word. And we love that about him.