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Justice Mukheli has always found expression in visual art. From his artistic pursuits as a child growing up in Soweto, to making his name as a respected photographer and advertising art director, Justice has transitioned into a film director to watch.

With a bigger canvas to play on, still images have evolved into unique stories that deal with the complexities of life and the people in it. Justice’s work speaks with a soulful elegance carried by honest and evocative visuals.

Defining his approach from the point of view of a man who sees great power through sensitivity and emotion, Justice approaches projects and subject matter with dignity and heart. He engages his viewers on a personal level that draws from the richness and beauty of his heritage.

As a young South African creative, his work seeks to reframe and diversify the narrative of black experience through his own lived experience. Most importantly, he hopes that his continued growth as a director will inspire and empower new creative voices to follow.