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On paper, Noah Conopask is a director at DOMO. In real life, he’s an empathic, inclusive, intensely committed adventure-seeker and a self-taught filmmaker, designer and photographer. His work explores the gritty emotional space between challenge and triumph, capturing its universality on camera within the singular context of a brand. Noah captures stories that cover a spectrum of recognizable human themes.

Trusted for his instinctive approach to filmmaking, Noah isolates the points of strength and vulnerability in every narrative. He grew up constantly moving, camera in-hand, drawn to documenting many specific efforts more than the mastery of one. The illustrative visuals of his cultural background led to a professional interest in motion graphics, a natural incubator for his artistic style which ultimately fanned into a multi-disciplinary career.

Noah’s electric, rich, precisely-framed point of view has since helmed campaigns for Red Bull, Nemiroff and Asics, among many global brands. And he keeps collecting awards rarely mentioned, including Ciclopes, Clios, Webbys, and an Emmy nod.

When approaching a project, Noah doesn’t think about what it should “look” like. There’s no imposition of personal aesthetic that others must adhere to — that’s not his thing. Consistent with his worldview, the creative process is defined by the journey, not the victory. It’s built on a foundation of intimate collaboration where all participants are valued and held to high account, fortified by kindness and integrity. Hidden in every narrative is a beautifully specific interpretation of these principles. That’s when brands invite Noah into their world; to chip away at the block, starting left of center, until the shape within reveals itself.