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André Stringer is a multidisciplinary maestro of the creative field and co-founder of DOMO. As an Emmy Award-winning creative and trusted confidant among global brands, he believes in putting true collaboration at the forefront of every endeavor.

Whether helming an international campaign or bringing a startup brand to market, André leads with the expertise of multiple professions, but make no mistake — this isn’t a jack-of-all-trades narrative.

André’s inherent understanding of storytelling has earned decades-long relationships with some of the most reputable names and agencies in the industry (Beats by Dre and Under Armour, for starters). His contributions go beyond any singular title, often bridging the roles of advisor, artist, innovator and marketeer to bring an unparalleled level of mastery and intimacy to the process.

Shaped throughout his career, André’s personal brand of storytelling can be traced back to his early roots: skateboarding and music. It’s this foundation of movement, raw emotion, risk and realism that continues to influence the way he thinks — as a creative pioneer, businessman and everything in between.