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Chantal infuses her projects with people-focused storytelling, exposing the realness of her subjects within a sculptural, artful frame. Rather than focusing solely on a visual end-product, she leans into the subtleties and emotional intelligence of human beings to draw out the aesthetic she’s celebrated for. She's maintained this aura throughout her career: first as a journalist and radio reporter, then as a stills photographer (although she met her first camera as an eight-year-old), then, naturally, as a filmmaker — where her interviewing and picture-making skills converge.

Well established as a leading photographer consistently documenting the cutting-edge of pop culture for the likes of The New York Times and Vogue, her directorial debut, Migratory, won best cinematography at the Milano Fashion Film Festival in 2016. She has been recognized by the Art Director Club Young Guns, and was named one of PDN’s “30 Photographers to Watch” in 2019.

On-set, there’s a duality to Chantal’s process: one hand tactfully maps out a strategy while the other flirts with spontaneity. She cultivates a grounded, open-minded environment while playing with what’s available in the moment, whether it's light, energy or the shapes that surround her. Rooted in her interview practice, Chantal's casting methodology prioritizes authenticity in performances — if you can call them that. They're more like actual portrayals of actual people, often street-cast or found through the community that's being represented on-camera.

As a director, Chantal brings a rare fusion of focused direction and trusting submission to whatever beautiful thing decides to make itself known.