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Julian King is a director at DOMO. A true multidisciplinary filmmaker and an avowed cinephile, Julian’s work incorporates his expansive technical skill set with a deep curiosity about filmmaking in all its forms.

Julian entered the industry as a cinematographer, cultivating his eye through influences like futuristic concept art, classic cinema and bold, visually inventive design. His directorial career took off following the viral release of hot rod documentary The Real Thing in 2012. High-profile auto collaborations followed in its wake, with Julian helming campaigns for Cadillac, Lincoln, Ford and Toyota, among others. His portfolio has since amassed projects across multiple sectors, including work for Under Armor, Uber and Clif Bar.

Julian's visual storytelling style ranges from powerfully cinematic to viscerally real, reflecting a path that has cut back and forth between ads, short films and documentaries. He’s earned nods in Creativity, Motionographer and The Drum Awards, et al.

Crucial to Julian’s creative process is a foundational passion for building teams and systems of collaboration, approaching every project with a rare fluidity and openness that has long attracted lasting creative partnerships.