Apple Watch.



Apple Watch


Ideation / Screenwriting / Live-Action Production


The now-iconic Apple Watch was once an entirely new idea. The public had never experienced anything like it — and neither had Apple. The wearable tech would launch Apple into the fitness space for the first time, and they needed a guide.

Working hand in hand with Apple’s internal creative team, DOMO’s Creative Director André Stringer ideated and executed the release film that introduced the world to Apple Watch.


Aside from a decades-long portfolio of successful athletic work, the true foundation of this project was trust. Apple knew we were well-accustomed to the pressures of a new product launch, and that no matter what, their message would be delivered effectively.

We began with an open brief and spent six months ideating with the internal team. The weight of this launch was real: our presentation film needed to clearly convey the new, densely-packed features of the Watch, along with the inherent personality that came with it.

Nothing boastful or flashy here: we decided to pair an approachable, informational script in Apple’s signature voice with eye-catching footage of real people actually being real people. We ultimately created a practical piece for a specific audience that was still visually interesting, nimbly tackling multiple objectives in one.

The film laid the stylistic groundwork for a full-fledged product launch across TV, digital and print.