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Issue No. 1


Co-Creation™ invites its readers to explore, discover, and transform.

Co-Creation™ is a living document of the infinite creative path. It stands as a testament to the vibrancy of active engagement with the world— a playground for novel and expansive multidisciplinary art forms. More than mere stories, it's a compilation of experiences that celebrate authentic expression and the spirit of collaboration.

Contributing to Co-Creation™ means joining a dynamic community, committed to documenting and shaping a world where every moment is a curious step towards discovery and transformation.

Co-Creation™ is a publication by DOMO.

The Essence of Co-Creation™.

An inclusive and empowering form of collaboration that emphasizes the joint development of new ideas and solutions through the active engagement of every individual. It is characterized by its focus on innovation, equal participation, and shared responsibility, harnessing the creativity of all participants to generate novel and unexpected outcomes.

Collaboration is often misconceived as sacrificing individuality for the greater group. However, in the realm of Co-Creation™, we unlock the power of both the individual and the group working together in concert. It's the recognition that collaboration is a living, breathing organism that thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of each member. By tapping into this intertwined intelligence, the working process becomes more fulfilling, and the outcomes more impactful.

This effort requires care and attention. While tangible goals are necessary, finding joy in the journey is equally vital. Teams that derive satisfaction from the creative process tend to be more cohesive, motivated, and ultimately more productive. Consider these cards as the fuel to power fruitful collaborations and enjoy the process as you go. This is Co-Creation™.


We are a Collaboration Company.

DOMO is a home for storytellers to consult with agencies and brands at every step along the way from campaign ideation to cultural adoption. The DOMO community subverts traditional paradigms by leaving behind ego and silo-ing in favor of viewpoint diversity and collective manifestation.