Under Armour Machina Launch

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Machina Launch

Strategy / Ideation / Live-Action Production / Editorial / Original Music Creation / Branding and Design / Visual Effects Finishing


Continuing The Only Way Is Through campaign, Under Armour called on DOMO to launch the UA HOVR Machina. The app-connected, best-in-its-class running shoe was a manifestation of the messaging we’d been pushing throughout the campaign: Under Armour makes athletes better.

Knowing the nuanced distinctions between athletic audiences, it was clear Under Armour had to pivot its traditionally team sports-oriented communication toward a different variety of athlete. We set out to develop that approach and define a new language for this category with a focus on the new technology that set it apart.


Spanning six continents and multiple languages, each film in the series illustrated an athlete’s personal story. Sharing real insight and wisdom were critical in inspiring the inner athlete in every viewer, and our primary task was to amplify their voices with honor and accuracy.

Queue the DOMO studio model: establishing the importance of intimate collaboration from day one. Our team of international directors immersed themselves in the world of the brand long before setting foot on set, jointly researching and crafting a cohesive voice for the campaign — a creative coalition. This process ensured stylistic consistency for Under Armour while empowering each director to nurture a candid, trusting relationship with the athletes.

Embracing the strength of multiple collaborators is at the heart of what we do.
Together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts.