The dawn of a new decade presented a bold opportunity for Under Armour: a 360° rebrand including a new tag line “The Only Way Is Through”.

While years of mainstream success garnered unmatched brand recognition among consumers, Under Armour’s core ethos had frayed. Too many fragments spread across platforms, logos and messages that lacked connective tissue. A strong legacy struggling to cut through the noise of a crowded market.


The Fire motivating Under Armour hadn’t disappeared. It was just hidden beneath layers of content bandaids that weren’t supporting the brand fundamentals.

An intimate partner for over a decade, DOMO was entrusted with the task of excavating and reanimating Under Armour’s core values, bringing renewed energy and meaning into 2020. From strategy to execution and beyond, The Only Way Is Through campaign was born.


DOMO spent six months embedded in Under Armour’s content generation team, investigating the root cause of the lack of audience connection. Acting as a think tank, brand authors, creative executors and everything in between, we sought to reignite The Fire that had earned Under Armour its iconic reputation as a thought leader among team sports athletes.

We developed a new brand grammar — key language and guiding principles to ignite the internal team — and followed with the campaign itself, featuring an anthem film and multi-platform series of raw, docu-style athlete spotlights.

The work didn’t stop at content delivery. DOMO outfitted Under Armour with a comprehensive creative toolkit to guide future efforts, ensuring stylistic consistency and internal alignment of brand direction, so that when we stepped out, the work would continue to thrive. 

When we equip our clients not only with powerful content, but also bespoke tools to continue their internal brand alignment, we enable a cyclical creative process that never ends — it just evolves. This is the bedrock of successful long-term collaborations.


“This isn’t a clever advertising slogan. It’s a statement that encompasses what every person striving to achieve a goal understands in his or her heart. We know there are no shortcuts and no magical solutions. It’s thinking smarter, working harder, being better than yesterday—through the highest highs and the lowest lows—and being the best version of yourself. That is the ethos of The Only Way Is Through, and it’s why we’re so excited to bring this message—and these stories—to the world.”

-Brian Boring, VP of Global Brand Creative, 
Under Armour.