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Kat Keene elevates the human experience into something stylish, visually stunning and deeply felt. Her diverse body of work across commercials, music videos, television and video journalism stands out for its emotional integrity and passionate engagement with the world and its inhabitants.

From the moment Kat first picked up a camera as a teenager in North Carolina, she has been guided by a driving curiosity about the world and its inhabitants. That has led her to Canadian mountaintops and the depths of the Sahara, but also into the intimate confidences of people who have trusted her to tell their stories. Her work with brands is marked by a similar sense of partnership, as she marshals her extensive knowledge of fashion, interior design, music and culture in the service of expressing her clients’ essential truths.

Kat divides her time between Los Angeles, New York City, and the driver's seat of a truck heading towards the most interesting place on the map.