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Nico Bongiovanni is a mexican filmmaker who began his audiovisual career at a very young age. His perfectionism and fascination for lighting and framing led him to choose photography as his first love. After a while, he realized he had the need to tell stories and he decided to make a jump into script and direction. He concluded his film studies specializing in scriptwriting, directing and producing, in Sydney, Australia in 2010. 

Nico truly believes in the power of storytelling as a tool to inspire through emotions and planting seeds into consciousness as a way to collectively grow and unify society. 

He has made numerous short films, an opportunity to explore various narrative structures and develop different characters. His work has been recognized for his deep attention to a visual and sound language with an aesthetic focus on detail, acting performance and creative storytelling. He ventured into the world of advertising in Mexico in 2011, managing to have more and more hours in what he calls; his favorite whereabout, the film set.