How DOMO and Three Agencies Created 16 Films with One Brand Beating Heart for Toyota

First Appeared in LBB on May 2, 2023

Toyota’s 'Let’s Go' campaign was a joint collaboration between DOMO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Conill and Burrell


When it was time to craft the newest expression of Toyota’s 'Let’s Go', DOMO jumped in and got moving. A collaboration company, DOMO intimately understands the complexity of a multilevel campaign spanning work from three agencies, three demographics, six Toyota vehicles and a total of 18 individual spots. In this age of near limitless targeting and hyper-specificity, our interactions with our community become more pointed, more tailored to how those individuals navigate the world. But as we dive deeper into these cultural and social nuances, it’s imperative to maintain cohesion, to deepen our understanding of the brand with every new and varied expression of our message. For 'Let’s Go', as three agencies brought forth stellar creative work each delivering on varying objectives, DOMO entered the conversation as the keepers of that beating heart of the 'Let’s Go' mentality.

“DOMO is built on the principles of collaboration and co-creation. From the start, we allowed these principles to guide us as we held space for Toyota as brand, and for Publicis as their longtime partner. This extended to each of the three agencies involved in the projects,” shares managing partner Rani Melendez. “We provided that connective tissue, unearthing new synchronicities and giving breath to an array of creative voices across organizations.” In partnership with each of these diverse entities, DOMO gave life to “Let’s Go,” teasing it out into its newest expressions targeted toward three unique demographic campaigns.

DOMO directors Andre Stringer and Julian King brought the 'Let’s Go' spirit to life while the agile DOMO production team brought the rubber to the road for the one campaign over three agencies and eighteen films. Fired up with creative provided by Saatchi & Saatchi for the overall North-American market and Burrell for the African-American demographic, Stringer got to work giving rise to 'Let’s Go' in two unique expressions. He saw directing these pieces as an opportunity to dive deeper into finding the edge of one’s comfort zone and exploring it, a theme prominent in his work. He explains: “The essence of 'Let’s Go' is an invitation to savor the here and now, to find the next unknown to explore, and to go there with Toyota. We wanted these films to inspire you out of your complacency, to make you get up and go there, to dance, to dare, to take that roll and sing your loudest.”

Simultaneously, Julian King partnered with the Conill team on manifesting that 'Let’s Go' spirit for the Hispanic demographic. For Conill, the key to landing 'Vamos' would be to channel unshakeable community as a uniting ethos of the broader Hispanic culture. King took this to heart, zeroing in on the role of a new Toyota as a vehicle that brings people together, knowing that where you go can be less important than who you go with. He explains, “I was hugely inspired by this powerful love of community. I focused on unexpected reveals that bring the audience on a journey, one that starts with a Toyota, but quickly expands to encompass how that vehicle impacts individuals’ lives — the families it carries, the road trips it sparks, the memories it fuels.”

From these inspiring Directors to the creative production teams, from one campaign to the next, from longer-form pieces to the buzz of a six second cut, DOMO upheld their collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, crafting the embodiment of the “Let’s Go” spirit in a way that deepens the Toyota brand identity.