Jack in the Box


Strategy / Ideation / Live-Action Production / Editorial Original Music Creation / Branding and Design / Visual Effects and Finishing


Director Jonathan Klein set out to create a film for Jack in the Box's new product, the Smashed Jack burger. Chiat Day LA’s idea was to invite individuals who had previously expressed dissatisfaction with Jack in the Box to taste a new burger in a blind tasting. Unbeknownst to them, the burger was the Smashed Jack from a fast food restaurant they claimed not to like: Jack in the Box. It was a case of reversing the hate with a burger that tasted great.


Additionally, we featured Jack, the brand’s signature character, as our behind-the-scenes mastermind. We heightened intrigue. We pushed enthusiasm. We opened ourselves up to the unpredictable nature of the work.


Our approach framed the project as conventional market research. Participants were sourced through a legitimate market research company, unaware of the true purpose of the tasting. A moderator conducted each filmed tasting and asked for reactions to a burger. To foster the best possible experience, we crofted a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The intention was to allow participants to be comfortable, unguarded and therefore real in their responses.



Additionally, we aimed to incorporate elements of story structure to shape the narrative, keeping viewers engaged and entertained throughout the film. In collaboration with the agency, Chiat Day LA, we sought and remained open to a diverse range of reactions from participants, knowing that would affirm the reality. We reacted in real-time to each taster, tailoring their interaction to meet them where they were in the moment.


Klein experimented with framing techniques, choosing a looser composition to provide flexibility in post-production and symbolize the potential for changing perspectives. This stylistic choice aimed to enhance the narrative's thematic elements and create a sense of openness in the visual storytelling. The resulting film showcased participants' delight upon tasting the Smashed Jack burger, dispelling negative perceptions and highlighting the client's culinary innovation. The film's uplifting message resonated with audiences, reinforcing the client's commitment to spreading joy through their offerings.