Jonathan Klein finds Carvana

First Appeared in Shots on October 25, 2023

Carvana looks at the funny, eureka car-buying moments within families in two new films from DOMO’s Jonathan Klein.


Kiddo and Clicker amplify the larger themes of Carvana’s messaging, which focuses on the intimate, relatable, and clever humour shared within families.

Clicker features a unsuspecting grandma showing her grandson how easy it is to sell his car on Carvana, subverting the expectations of age bias with easy wit; and in Kiddo, the spot’s namesake little girl defies expectations too, solving her parents’ car-buying conundrum with matter-of-fact ease. Throughout the spots are the comic barbs and knowing looks that are typical within families, echoing the closeness and care that also defines the experience of buying and selling cars with Carvana.

Director Jonathan Klein expands on how he articulated the knowledge gap between family members. “For our films, when the formerly naive characters come to understand the ease of Carvana, the camera shifts too, pivoting the point of view from a high to a low angle. A new idea has taken hold. Ultimately, there is love there: the grandson wants to help his grandmother with the remote, and the parents want to take their daughter to the movies.

”Kiddo and Clicker will be rolled out across a number of channels, including digital platforms, television, and social media. The films follow Carvana’s integrated campaign with celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, also made in collaboration with DOMO and Klein.