Kristen and Dax's Driveway Is a Conveyor Belt of Vehicles in Latest Carvana Ad

by Amy Corr

First Appeared in Muse by Clio on September 25, 2023

One truck goes, another one arrives


One of Hollywood's favorite couples—Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard—are back for another round of Carvana ads designed to make car buying and selling look absolutely adorable.

Things get "Sneaky" when Kristen sells one of Dax's trucks on the DL. As that vehicle leaves their driveway, Dax awaits a delivery. It's the same make and model Kristen just sold, because Dax has "gotta have backup." Of course, he can't figure out why his OG truck disappeared.

"Kristen and Dax are one of Hollywood's most charismatic couples known for their unique blend of wit and realness," says Ryan Keeton, co-founder and chief brand officer of Carvana. "We felt that their personalities and elements of their real life aligned with Carvana's brand and made them the perfect leads for these spots. The ads showcase how anyone can use Carvana's simple online process for car buying and selling cars, and Kristen and Dax really brought that through in a fun and humorous way."

The brand's in-house creative team worked with director Jonathan Klein of Domo for both "Sneaky" and "Hooold," which launched over the summer. The new commercial will run on broadcast and OTT, with some social media fun on Dax and Kristen's Instagrams and Carvana's social channels.

"From highlighting the Carvana Value Tracker, to showing off how speedy and smooth using Carvana is, Kristen and Dax really brought our customer experience to life," Keeton tells Muse.