Cultivating a Culture of


by April Summers

First Appeared in LBB on February 26, 2024

LBB’s April Summers chats with managing partner and executive producer Rani Melendez, and ECD and director André Stringer, about the genesis of their dynamic production company and creative brand partnership.


Like pieces of a puzzle, Rani Melendez and André Stringer’s distinct talents interlock flawlessly, creating a synergy that elevates their collaboration. Hailing from different filmmaking fields - André an Emmy award winning writer, artist, musician and commercial director signed to David Fincher-backed RESET Content; Rani a razor-sharp producer who grew with Traktor for 18 years, before joining The Mill LA as managing director - the duo were brought together by the industry but bonded over their passion for pounding the pavement on two wheels. 

“André and I go way back,” Rani tells me. “We’d ride around on our bikes together, and talk about our shared values and aspirations for the future. We spent a lot of time talking about starting a company that would utilise our mutual skill sets and continuously challenge ourselves and others.” 

Adept at spinning plates in their respective domains, Rani and André possess a plethora of experience crafting multi-million-dollar campaigns for global brands. DOMO is the brainchild of these combined experiences, a result of cycling side-by-side discussing what a modern production company could - and should - look like. 

“Both of us have learnt throughout our careers that it’s not just about solely the work you make but, as importantly, how you make the work,” says André. “We saw an opportunity to create a more collaborative environment that was agile and less set in its ways — more tailored to each project, emphasising creativity and problem-solving over one specific process.”

2019 felt like the right time to bring their unique vision for the future of production to life. Basing their ideas on a more collaborative model, Rani and André forged DOMO’s integrated production capabilities, thoughtfully placing an emphasis on championing the cultivation of what they call 'Co-Creation™'.

Refined through extensive, multi-domain experience in the creative industry, the Co-Creation philosophy is underpinned by a series of unique values which guide DOMO’s collaborative efforts. André provides an example of these principles: “The concept of ‘Many Minds’ underscores the immense power of collective intelligence. It illustrates how bringing together varied perspectives enhances our collaborative endeavours, and leads to insights far surpassing those achievable in isolation.”

“This particular principle proved invaluable in our work with Under Armour and Project Rock, involving diverse stakeholders such as The Rock, 7 Bucks Entertainment, Under Armour’s creative leadership, and DOMO. By avoiding silos, we ensured the quality of our final output remained high.”

Having partnered with Under Armour on multiple projects since 2020, this most recent work with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of DOMO’s most notable brand collaborations to date. For their initial project with the UA team, the DOMO team were tasked with adopting a full rebrand that would allow UA to showcase its global values, global brand ambassadors, and products alike. “Through our Creative Services, we have been able to help brands like Under Armour solidify their voice. As a creative partner, UA has tasked us each year [since] with a part of their marketing strategy,” Rani explains. 

 “We have noticed that ‘fast tactics’ don’t give long-term results that clients hope for. Therefore, we enjoy working with agencies and brands to give purpose and vision to their objectives” he adds, citing the Co-Creation approach that was applied when working with Lululemon Studio, formerly MIRROR.

André, who helmed the campaign, reveals how the team navigated the specifics of this creative brief. “Our task was to rejuvenate the aesthetic and ambience of their studio experience. To achieve this, we didn't just focus on superficial changes; instead, we integrated this task within the broader context of the brand's overall experience. This brand was a new player in the market and their brand identity wasn't fully established. By adopting a holistic approach from the outset, our efforts found a deeper significance, ensuring that every solution we proposed was aligned with the brand's evolving identity.”

As a multidisciplinary venture, these solutions are presented by DOMO’s team of forward-thinking creatives - directors, writers, editors, photographers, and musicians - all of whom deftly work together on a cohesive vision designed to strengthen a brand’s identity. Strategically assembling bespoke teams that meet the unique needs of each project, Rani and Andre emphasise a non-competitive, collective approach to working at the scale of the biggest brands.

In five short years the creative collaboration company has delivered multiple identity-shaping campaigns on behalf of major brands like Toyota, Under Armour, and Carvana. In order to shift perspectives and carve authentic brand narratives, it is crucial for DOMO’s output to be both powerful and relevant at large.

“Our happy place is solving big, complex problems for brands and agencies,” André explains. “This journey begins with a deep dive into the core challenges - values, voice, and audience perceptions - laying down a foundation of purpose and meaning. From there, we explore creative avenues to tackle practical problems.”

Embracing their reputation as problem-solvers, Rani and André released the Co-Creation™ Journal and Co-Creation™ Creativity Cards. “For us, creativity doesn’t stop at the projects that we make for our clients - it’s a way of life," Rani explains. "The Journal is a physical embodiment of our company's commitment to experiences and projects that celebrate authentic expression and the Creativity Cards are currently sitting with some of the most influential CMOs, Creative Leaders, and Directors of Production in the industry. They will continually be shared throughout the year and available both physically and digitally to all who want to work more collaboratively.”

This commitment to sharing experiences as a means of staying connected with the creativity community forms much of DOMO’s overarching vision for 2024 and beyond. “The future isn’t less connected, it’s more connected, and DOMO is charging forward with more collaborations, both within and without,” André tells me. “We understand that building strong networks is essential for fostering stronger partnerships. We feed on joining forces — more partners, more creatives, more styles, and more venues to showcase creativity.”

Their journey from shared bike rides to pioneering a collaborative production model has resulted in a multidisciplinary venture that reshapes brand narratives and solves complex problems. With a commitment to innovation, community engagement, and embracing emerging technologies, DOMO is poised to continue its trajectory as a leading force in the creative and tech sectors. As they forge ahead, their vision for the future remains rooted in connectivity, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of impactful storytelling.